February 5, 2016

General Shout Out!

Don’t forget the Sweetheart Swirl is TONIGHT 6:30pm-8:30pm

Kids Care Corner…

Please remember collection items for the Besease School in Ghana.  These can be delivered to the Lodge.

Feb. 13th 6pm-8:30pm is movie night.  The price is $10 per child and the money raised for the Kitsap Humane Society.

Mr. T’s Take…

We are very excited to begin our admissions season at Silverwood and we have many new families showing interest in our school.  This past Tuesday, we had our first Admission’s Open House with nine families attending, bringing a potential twelve students.  Some families found out about our school through kindergarten fairs we attend in January and February, and some came because of you.  I thank and appreciate all of you who are putting out good vibes about Silverwood School to the broader community.

We are looking forward to having our current families back at Silverwood next year and on Wednesday we had move-up day. Second graders were able to experience a day in The Treehouse and fourth graders were able to experience a day in The Lodge.  When I went into classrooms and saw new mixes of students working so well together, it reinforced that we are all part of a wonderful school community.

This week, we mailed out renewal contracts for the 2016-2017 school year.  Your families are an integral part of our current and future success, and my hope is that all of you will be with us next year.  Have a wonderful weekend, and remember that my office is always open for anything you would like to discuss.

 Out of the mouth of babes…

From Miss Ashley- During an explanation of all the uses the students could use their notecards they had taken for wax museum formulating rough draft, timeline, and speech the student were in awe. I said, “Shut the front door!”

A 5th grade friend said, “But isn’t the front door already closed?”