March 18, 2016

General Shout Out…

PTC days
PTC days are this coming Thursday and Friday. If you need care for your student either or both of those days please contact Miss Sara to let her know.

Check Mates
Our next Chess club event with West Sound Academy Strategy Gaming Club will be on Thursday, April 14th 3:30-4:30 in The Commons. (One hour seems to be a lot of our student’s limits.)

Auction Item left to bid on
Should you be interested in the following open Auction Item and would like to make a bid contact Miss Sara to put in your bid amount. The cut off is Wednesday 3/23 at 3:00pm. The highest bidder by that time will win.

*Pro-Optix Eyeglasses- Value $469
Starting bid is $141 Guaranteed Purchase Price $938. Complete pair of eyeglasses: Frames with SV Light activated grey, mid-index lenses with anti-reflective coating.

Don’t miss out on this last item! It’s a GOOD one!

Kids Care Corner…

Please remember collection items for the Besease School in Ghana. These can be delivered to the Lodge. Keep the donations coming! We will be collecting through the end of April.

The Mac and Cheese lunch wrapped up last week. It was a very successful endeavor to raise money for Foster Children in our community. A big thank you needs to go out to Lianne Tabata and Mandeep Sandhu for taking this on with their children. The lunches will be missed! Thank you!

Mr. T.’s Take…

I would like to thank everyone who contributed to the annual fund or auction this year (and to those who contributed to both). Although we did not reach our goal of raising $50,000 for the annual fund, families and community members did contribute a generous $30,000. This met the amount we had set for our annual school budget, which is important for the financial health of our school. I am also happy to report that after all auction expenses we brought in just shy of the $30,000 mark at our Beach Ball auction – almost meeting our annual budget goal.
I would like to encourage all families who were not able to attend the auction this year to consider donating to our Fund an Opportunity and/or Fund an Item paddle calls. I am including details about both of these very important fundraising goals.

Fund an Opportunity
Our Fund-An-Opportunity is the Silverwood Scholarship Fund. Our mission can best be fulfilled only if we ensure that the broadest possible range of families can participate. Need-based scholarships are crucial to this effort, and your generosity will help keep the Silverwood student body representative of our larger community. The bidding donation amounts are $250, $100, $50, or $25.

Fund an Item
We have the opportunity to support a project that will enhance the Silverwood experience through Fund-An-Item. Each year the Head of School, the Board of Trustees, and the faculty discuss possible ideas for the Fund-An-Item project. Past Fund-An-Item proceeds have been used to purchase technology items such as software, laptop computers, flat-screen monitors, and instructional iPads; and to improve our campus grounds with the addition of our two greenhouses, and outdoor campus lighting.

This year, the teachers have requested new integrated math curriculum for all grades. The new curriculum, Progress in Mathematics, provides students with the foundational skills needed to become proficient in math. It uses a consistent instructional approach to help learners gain confidence, master skills, and strengthen their comprehension levels with ample opportunities to implement the Standards for Mathematical Practice. Progress in Mathematics also offers differentiated curriculum up through 9th grade Algebra. Our goal for the 2016 auction is to raise $8,000 to purchase math textbooks, teachers’ guides, workbooks and manipulatives. The bidding donation amounts are $250, $100, $50, or $25.

If you would like to contribute to one or both of these goals you may contact Miss Sara in the office. We are happy to process your donation. Ultimately we would ask that you set up this donation within the next week so that we are able to finalize all our auction numbers.
Our successes with the annual fund and auction take the combined efforts of everyone, and I continue to be amazed how well the community works together. A dedicated group of volunteers devoted many, many hours of their time before, during and after the auction to ensure its success. I am honored to be a part of Silverwood School.

Out of the mouth of babes…

In 4th grade math there was quite a bit of excitement today. Mr. T. kept using one exclamation repeatedly and the students caught on.
“How come you keep saying the word ‘SWEET’ Mr. T?”