May 13, 2016

General Shout Out…

A VERY successful Student Fundraising Week

Our students were extremely successful in raising funds for the BHAG this past week!

Lodge                        $ 99.20

Barn                           $182.27

Treehouse                $230.58

Fiesta Lunch           $290.00

Grand Total            $802.05

Way to go Silverwood Students! Exciting projects for the BHAG- stay tuned!

A big thank you goes to all the students, families, Laura Nesby, and Miss Sunshine for this successful event.

Yearbook Cover Contest

All grades welcomed to participate!  The cover submissions are due Monday, May 23rd. Finalists will be notified.  Turn entries in to Miss Ashley’s box in the office.  Please include your name with your entry.


Mr. T’s Take…

May 13, 2016

I would like to give recognition to all of our parent and family volunteers who contribute time to Silverwood School. In a public school, it is nice to have volunteers. At Silverwood School, we could not operate without you! Our family members serve on the board, lead committees, assist with fundraising, help in the classrooms, drive on field trips, run the book fair, maintain and clean our school during maintenance days, help supervise at lunch and recess, and assist with marketing. For our auction alone, hundreds of volunteer hours are required from a dedicated group of parents and community members to put on the event.

Here a few specific examples of what our parents and community members do for us. Jeff Crawford spends two full weeks during the fall and spring (this does not include set-up) to run our Book Fair. He creates a festive atmosphere for students and parents to browse for books. And for students who have interest; he includes them in the Book Fair operation! Michele Crawford volunteers at Silverwood School Mondays and Fridays just about every week during the school year. Michele does it all – from working with students on projects, helping in the office, supervising at recess, and assisting teachers with paperwork. Whenever someone asks Michele if she can do something she responds, “I can do that!” Lastly, Robyn Gross has been volunteering every Tuesday and Thursday to teach the Barn Owls PE. Robyn has a degree in physical education and together with Miss Tasha; she has created a wonderful program for our primary students.


To honor all of our volunteers, I am hosting a hot-dog picnic lunch for the whole school and invite all volunteers to attend.

This will occur on Wednesday, May 25th, at 12:30 (a flyer went home in Thursday’s backpack mail). Thank you VOLUNTEERS, for everything you do for our school and students.