June 3, 2016

General Shout Out…

Our Summerfest classes are filling up quickly. Get your registration paperwork and payment into the office if you don’t want to miss out!
Week 1: June 20th – June 24th $100 $ 10 lab fee
Art Week with Miss Tasha
Get in touch with your creative side! Come enjoy a week of arts and crafts. We will explore a wide range of techniques and styles from simple crafts to world famous artists. Learn how paint with sound like Kandinsky, and explore the colors and textures of Van Gogh.
Class size 6-12 | Kindergarten-Sixth Grades
Week 2: July 18th – July 22nd $100
Engineering Camp with Miss Ashley
Build it big, roll it fast, and create amazing designs! Can you design a boat that will survive the rapids? Will your catapult hit its target? Is your bridge structurally sound, answer all of these questions while learning how engineers solve real world problems! Kids will love this hands-on camp tackling engineering challenges. We’ll spend some time indoors, but love to go outside to test our designs. Class size 6-12 | Kindergarten-Sixth Grades
Week 3: July 25th – July 29th $100 $ 25 lab fee
Young Chefs Academy with Miss Tasha
Do you like to cook? Do you want to learn how to make yummy snacks? Come create tasty treats at Silverwood’s Young Chefs Academy. Make homemade mozzarella sticks, cookies and your very own recipe books! What tasty treat will your student bring home to share with you tonight? Class size 6-10 | Second- Sixth Grades
Week 4: August 1st – August 5th $100
Survival Silverwood with Miss Tasha
Nobody gets voted off the Silverwood island! Come spend a week exploring Silverwood’s woods and meadows. Create nature themed arts and crafts, learn survival smarts about woods and camp safety, build a fort and hike and play in our woods. Class size 6-12 | Kindergarten-Sixth Grades

Check your Silverware Drawer!
Do you have some forks or spoons that don’t belong to your set roaming around your kitchen? Chances are they have come home with your student from school. If you could return these to us, that would be very much appreciated! Thanks!
Sporting Silverwood this Summer
As you leave our campus and get started on all the vacation plans and fun trips we want to challenge families to wear their Silverwood gear on their adventures and send Miss Sara pictures. Any pictures of families and students wearing their Silverwood Tee out and about on vacation will be posted on our Facebook page and on our office bulletin board! Represent your school in Paris, Disneyland, or the local Walmart. Wherever your adventures take you!

Mr. T’s Take…

June 3, 2016

As this year comes to a close, I would like to thank staff, parents, and our community for everything they do to help our students experience success at Silverwood School. I can’t help but feel excitement for next school year and I’m counting down the days until September 7, 2016!

Please join me in saying farewell to two of our staff members at the end of this school year. Miss Cory is seeking full-time work as a teacher in Kitsap County and Miss Francesca is moving to Virginia. We will begin looking for a Spanish teacher this summer and as mentioned during the State of Silverwood, we will not seek additional teaching staff until we achieve a balanced budget. Miss Cory and Miss Francesca will be missed and I wish them well in their future endeavors.

This summer, the office will be open most days for transactions, questions, or just a summer visit. Sara and I will be on vacation during different time frames; however, one of us should be available on most days, Monday through Friday. We will inform you when we are both out of the office.

I want to invite each of you in for a visit over the summer if you would like to discuss your hopes and dreams for your children and for Silverwood School. Now that we know each other a little better, I’m hoping you feel comfortable discussing anything that is on yourmind. Thanks for a great year and I hope you have an enjoyable summer.

Out of the Mouth of Babes…

In math class on Thursday the kids asked Mr. T. if he was coming back next year. He teased them and said, “Just as soon as Miss Sara and Miss Sunshine decide I can come back.” Today in math one student earnestly said, “Mr. T., have Miss Sara and Miss Sunshine decided if they are going to let you come back next year yet?”

Hmmmm…. They pose an excellent question. Who know we had that much power?

Peek at Next Week…

June 8 Field Day- Last Day of Classes
June 9-10 Teacher In-service Days- NO CLASSES- Childcare available
June 10 Closing Ceremonies 6:30pm EVERYONE WELCOMED!

View of the near future…

June 20-24 Art Camp Week with Miss Tasha
June 21 Board Meeting 6:15pm Open to Silverwood Community
June 27-30 Bricks for Kidz Camp starts