September 9, 2016

General Shout Out

Backpack backpack!

Usually backpack mail comes home on Thursdays.  On occasion we will send items home on different days if there is some sort of time crunch related.  However, this week we are still just trying to get back into the groove.  So today is a very good day to check your student’s backpack for mail…

  • Family Portrait Flyer
  • School Picture Order Forms
  • Hoops for Heart Information

Curriculum Night & Potluck

We hope to see everyone at the Potluck and Curriculum event tonight.  A special dessert will be provided by Mr. T. and Miss Sara.  Hope to see you all here this evening from5:30p-7:30p.


Mr. T’s Take

We are off to a great start! I’m enjoying getting to know our new students and families while reconnecting with our returning students and families.

Mr. T’s Take is my way to informally communicate with families twice a month (or more) to let our community know what is happening around the Silverwood School campus.  One of my favorite moments from this week occurred during our very first recess.  One of our kindergarten students walked straight up to a fourth grade boy, put out his hand for a handshake, and formally introduced himself.  He then said, “Will you play with me?”  The fourth grade boy told him his name and said, “Sure!”  They then ran off to the field.  This exemplifies one of the many things that make Silverwood School a special place.

I hope everyone has a great weekend and I hope to see most of you tonight at our Curriculum Night!


Out of the Mouth of Babes

In our 1/2 grade classroom on the first day of school the students were discussing barn owls.  One student shared, “Did you know that Barn Owls are octurnal?”

On the playground a precious banana slug was found.  The students and Mr. T. discussed how at Islandwood some may actually kiss a banana slug for good luck.  One student announced, “I just think kissing a banana slug is unnecessary.” (Same feelings little one, same feelings.)

While lining up to leave the classroom one of our kindergarteners had to share some facts about gold fish.  “Did you know that gold fish pee?  They poop too!” Oh Miss Dawn never misses the most interesting news.