September 30, 2016

General Shout Out…

Backpack Backpack!

In Backpack Mail yesterday…

Box Tops– A fun interactive sheet came home for students to collect box tops for their school.  Thanks for your help!  Questions?  Contact Miss Ashley.

Mac n Cheese Lunch Form– Kids Care is happy to be putting on the Mac n Cheese Lunch again this year.  Take a look at the form and get it turned in on time!

Running Club Info Sheet– A favorite club is getting ready to start up again.  First session starts NEXT Wednesday, 10/5.  Questions?  Contact Miss Cindy.

Hoops for Heart

Get your permission slips in to your teachers for Hoops for Heart!  Keep raising money too!

Family Portrait Sessions

Sign-ups are in the office.  You can also e-mail Miss Sunshine to get your name on a time slot.  Best Family Photos of your life and for $85 you can’t beat this deal.  Sign up fast!  Friday, October 7th windows of 9a-12p or 3p-6p.  We love our school photographer and you will love your family session just in time for the Holidays!


Mr. T’s Take…

Every day I look forward to going into classrooms and spending time with students and staff.  Since many of you work and don’t get to see Silverwood classrooms in action, I thought I’d share a moment in time from Miss Dawn’s kindergarten class this week.  To teach pre-reading skills, Miss Dawn has students visualize and say letter names and letter sounds through association and movement.  For example, for the letter “d,” students would look at the letter on a poster and say in a singsong voice, “Big D, little d, dinosaur, dinosaur,” and then stomp their feet like a dinosaur and say the letter sound, “duh, duh, duh.”  It is a great strategy for teaching pre-reading skills and it is fun to watch students have a great time as they learn.  Have a good weekend and I hope to see many of you at our annual fall maintenance day this Saturday!



Out of the Mouth of Babes…

Miss Dawn was sharing with her ‘Kinders’ that there are always things that maybe we don’t want to do.  She used the example of how she doesn’t like to do dishes when she is at home.  One of her students said, “But Miss Dawn, you don’t have a home.  You are at school!”