October 7, 2016

General Shout Out…

Hoops for Heart

Get your permission slips in to your teachers for Hoops for Heart!  Keep raising money too!  Hoops for Heart is on Friday, October 21st.

4H Club Opportunity

Do you have a child ages 8-18 who loves their dog? Or loves learning about animals?

4-H provides an opportunity to learn veterinary/animal science, dog training skills, as well as responsibility, record keeping, public speaking, youth leadership, etc.

We would like to add Gardening and Arts & Crafts as additional projects to our club.

Miss Tasha and Miss Cindy are starting a club after school. Are you interested? Please email Miss Tasha at tasha.heino@silverwoodschool.org with any questions and with a preferred meeting day (Wednesday or Friday) we will meet whichever day gets the most response.

Kids Care Corner…

Mac & Cheese Lunch

Forms Due 10/14 (extra forms available in the office).  First lunch is 10/21.

The proceeds from this will be donated to Stand UP for Kids.

Ice Bucket Challenge Raffle

There will be an Ice Bucket rally on Friday, 10/21 at 2:45pm.  Tickets are a dollar a piece and are being sold at lunch and recess.  Buy a raffle ticket for a chance to dump a bucket of ice water on Emma, Lydia McManus, OR Mr. T!

The proceeds from this will be donated to buy gifts for The Children’s Hospital.

Doughnut Delivery

What’s better than a mac & cheese lunch?  A doughnut breakfast on the same day!  Forms for “doughnut” feel good to help are due by 10/19.  First delivery is 10/21.

The proceeds from this will be donated to the Kitsap Humane Society.

Straight from the Student…


“Once there was monster.  He was very good monster.  Except he was very messy. He goofed around and messed up the house.  I can say he’s very goofy.  And that is the end.”

-Carrigan K.~2nd Grade

Mr. T’s Take…

I would like to thank all the families who participated in our Fall Maintenance Day this past Saturday.  In addition to our routine tasks of cleaning roofs and gutters, we accomplished some larger projects such as clearing the willows from our pond, cleaning out vegetable gardens, weeding and installing a drain ditch in our rain garden, and sprucing up the commons by covering sound boards with color (see attached pictures).  The volunteer work done at Silverwood School is critical to our success, whether helping on maintenance day, working in the classroom, helping us with special events such as Halloween Fest, or volunteering for pizza lunch.  Have an enjoyable three-day weekend.


Out of the Mouth of Babes…

Our playground and woods can create some make believe games that even baffle our teachers.  A first grader at recess posed and proclaimed-

“I’m a New Yorker now.  I live in New York and I’m waiting at the bus stop.  I’m so happy to be out of my small town.  My old small town smelled like pork chops.”