January 6, 2017

General Shout Out…

Doughnut Feel Great to Help- Update

The last 3 doughnut deliveries will be:

Thursday January 12th

Thursday January 26th

And a make-up day for our snow day on Thursday February 9th

*Doughnut delivery was originally scheduled for Fridays, but due to a conflict in schedule they will be delivered Thursday.

Cleaning House- Discount on Silverwood Gear

We have some older gear that we would like to clear out of here.

Come on in and shop the sale!                Hoodies $15             Tees $5

Forest Green Hoodie-  4 Adult Small

Black with Silver Print Hoodie-  1 Youth Extra Large

Forest Green Tee-  1 Adult Medium     2 Youth Large         1 Youth Extra Large

Gray with Olive Green Print Tee –  1 Youth Large

Auction Sponsorships & Procurement-

Every family now has two packets for Auction.  A procurement packet and a Sponsorship packet.  The holidays are a great time to get some procurement done and while you are out in your shopping community, don’t forget to see if they might be interested in sponsoring our event.  We appreciate all the help our community gives to put on the most successful auction possible!

Obligatory Cute Picture of Cuteness…

Math Tubs!


Mr. T’s Take…

January 6, 2017

Annual Fund Update

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all parents, grandparents, staff members and community members who have contributed to our annual fund.  To date, we have raised $25,405.  Although this is well short of our goal to raise $50,000, we are closing in on $30,000 – the amount we allocated in our 2016-17 budget.  Current contribution levels for each building as of January 6th:

Lodge:           81%                            Treehouse:  56%                            Barn:  53%

I can’t emphasize enough how important our annual fund is to the financial health of our school.  Since tuition does not cover all of our operation costs, we rely on the annual fund and auction to make up the difference.  If we did not hold these annual fund raisers, tuition would need to be much higher to cover the costs of operating the school.  It would also put extreme restrictions on any financial aid or tuition assistance that we would be able to offer.  The annual fund is a way for current families, relatives of families and alumni to show support for Silverwood School.

We are so close to having a 100 % participation by our community.  This is obviously an organizational goal, but it is a true personal goal for Sara and I.  We would love to see a 100% participation by our current families.  Remember that all monetary amounts are appreciated and welcome.  Even though our annual fund drive ends on January 20th, we welcome contributions throughout the year.  My hope is that by January 20th, everyone will have turned in a pledge card, with a commitment to contribute before the end of the school year.  We have Annual Fund forms in the office and if you email me, I am happy to place one in your child’s backpack. Thanks everyone!

Kids Care Corner…

The Silverwood students collected over 100 non-perishable items for NK Fishline. Food was delivered the Monday before Christmas.