January 20, 2017

General Shout Out…

Pizza Lunch-

New Pizza Lunch order forms have gone home.  Get those back to us NO LATER than Friday, 1/27.  Thanks!

Testing for grades 3-6 next week

Testing will be happening 1/23-27.  Please avoid being late.  Also make sure that your student comes with extra healthy (brain food) snacks and a water bottle.  They are allowed to chew gum during the testing as long as it does not become a distraction to others.  Healthy dinners and earlier bed times are not a bad thing during testing days either.  Our goal is success for our students and we appreciate your partnership in this.

Annual Fund Campaign

We are coming to the end of a successful annual fund campaign.  It is still NOT too late to get your pledge in for this year. Payments just need to be completed by the end of June.  We are not yet to our 100% participation.  Please consider making your pledge soon and suporting your school.  Should you have any questions regarding this you can contact Mr. T. or Miss Sara.  We are happy to speak with you.

Admissions Season

It’s here already?  Dates you should for sure mark on your calendar:

Enrollment Contracts for 2017/18 issued to current families        February 1

Move-up Day for 2nd & 4th grades                                                         February 1

Move-up Night 6:00pm                                                                           February 2

Admission Open House 6p-8p (Let your friends know!)                February 7

Re-enrollment Contracts Due                                                                February 17

Financial Aid Round 1 Applications Due                                             February 21

Financial Aid Round 1 Results Issued                                                  February 24

Out of the Mouth of Babes…

Today a 1st grader and I were bantering and I said, “You aren’t old enough to give me that sass; you aren’t 13 yet.” She said, “Actually I am. I’m older than that.” I said, “Oh yeah? How old?” She replied, “I’m infinity and beyond.” I responded, “Well I guess you ARE old enough to give me that sass.” She smiled and said, “Yup!”

Obligatory Cute Pictures of Cuteness…

Making jump rope from vines.