January 27, 2017

General Shout Out…

Admissions Season

It’s here already?  Dates you should for sure mark on your calendar:

Enrollment Contracts for 2017/18 issued to current families        February 1

Move-up Day for 2nd & 4th grades                                                         February 1

Move-up Night 6:00pm                                                                           February 2

Admission Open House 6p-8p (Let your friends know!)                February 7

Re-enrollment Contracts Due                                                                February 17

Financial Aid Round 1 Applications Due                                             February 21

Financial Aid Round 1 Results Issued                                                  February 24

Kids Care Corner…

Rafiki’s of Love bracelets being sold Wed. 2/1 through Wed. 2/15

On the Lodge Porch          $10 cash per bracelet

All proceeds benefit The White Helmets of Syria and the Mamas in Kenya

If you would like more information on supporting the White Helmets or the mamas in Africa you can find information HERE and click play.  You can also find out more information HERE.  Please consider helping by purchasing a Rafiki’s of Love bracelet & thank you!

Mr. T’s Take…

On Thursday, the Treehouse hosted a Potlatch for the Barn students and Treehouse parents (see accompanying pictures).  It was the culminating event for the third and fourth graders intensive study of Northwest Coastal Tribes.  After reading and doing research about the Tribes, Miss Cindy had students form clans.   Clans went into our woods, established and built camps and shelters, and practiced how different clans may have shared resources and related to each other.  Using forest materials, students made games that young Tribal children may have played to improve hand-eye coordination for hunting and fishing.

In the Treehouse, students built models of longhouses, designed and created masks using traditional patterns, and witnessed salmon hatching in a fish tank.    Students created myths around the story poles they constructed and wrote biographies about who they were in their Tribe.  As I observed and interacted with students partaking in these activities over the last three months, it reaffirmed what a special place Silverwood School is for our children to learn and grow.   I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


Obligatory Cute Pictures of Cuteness…

Gumby student in P.E. and Reading.