February 24, 2017


dragonfliesIf you are a parent of a 1st or 2nd grade student, please come to the office for a first look at their amazing dragonfly fused glass bowl. The glass pieces are always hot ticket items at our auction, so get ready to raise a paddle and place your bid!

Also, please turn in your RSVP to the auction if you have not already done so. The auction committee is working hard on seating arrangements for this fun evening, so your prompt reply greatly helps with planning. Procurement items are still be accepted—thank you all for your hard work in providing fun items to bid on!

We LOVE Dr. Seuss Week

Join us in the celebration!

Monday 2/27         If I ran a Zoo- Wear animal print or bring your favorite toy animal.

Tuesday 2/28        Fox & Sox- Crazy sock & crazy hair.  Nobody will stare or care.

Wednesday 3/1      Cat in the Hat- Wear your favorite hat.

Thursday 3/2        The Sleep Book- Wear your jammies & bring a book. It is read across America day and we just might have a Cat in the Hat sighting!

Friday 3/5             Oh the Places You’ll Go- Wear a shirt from a college you want to attend or dress like what you want to be when you grow up.

A message to the Barn families…

On Tuesday, February 28, we will celebrate the 100th day of school.  Part of the weekend “Homework” assignment for this weekend is to collect 100 things and place them in the sandwich-sized plastic bag you will find in your child’s Take Home Folder on Friday.  It will have your child’s name on it and a label with “My 100 Things.”  Some suggestions are beans, cheerios, M&M’s, pony beads, and other small items. Please return the bags by Tuesday, and we’ll display the bags on our bulletin board in the classroom.

Mr. T’s Take…

One of my favorite days at Silverwood School is the Wax Museum. It is so inspiring to see students take on the persona of famous people in both appearance and mannerisms – Jacqui Lane had Julia Child down to a T. The school takes on a magical feel as we hear about the lives of a very diverse group of influential people including David Bowie, Benjamin Franklin, Julie Krone, Leonardo Da Vinci, and Hedy Lamarr, just to name a few. Throughout the process, I ask students why they have chosen their particular person.  Alita choose Maria Telkes because she built the first solar heated house and Alita wants to be an architect someday.  Nilani chose Queen Rania Abdullah because she was so nice and liked to help people and children.  I have included some pictures in case you were not able to attend.