The Barn

Home to the Kindergarten and 1st Grade Program

Cover(1)Primary students are continually engaged throughout the day as they take part in a variety of activities. In the Barn, children develop numeracy skills through the use of hands-on materials, interactive notebooks, and math tubs. Literacy skills are developed and supported through the use of interactive writing and reading activities. Literacy Centers allow students to independently explore and practice skills in the following areas: the ABC’s, Word Work, Independent Reading, and Journal writing. All instruction is based on each child’s unique capabilities and individualized to meet their learning needs.

20141003_092734Through play, classroom routine, and simple jobs, our Primary students begin to develop their life-long executive functioning skills of teamwork, critical thinking, problem solving, and planning. We model to our students a discipline to grow in their caring of each other, their classrooms, their school, and their community.  Character development and cooperation with peers is a large component of what is learned during the Primary years.

Our goal is to create a warm, supportive and structured environment that fosters the development of our students in all aspects of their growth in the Primary years.  We are the ‘Barn Owls,’ and according to the students, we are great!”

IMG_0167Class song developed by the Barn students in 2014-15 for School Choice Week:

“The Barn Owls are great, the Barn Owls are great!  We raise our hands and then we wait.  The Barn Owls are great!”

barn owl.png