The Barn

Home to the Kindergarten and 1st Grade Program

Andi and Hadlee working outsideOur Primary K-1 program builds a solid foundation to set students up for success. All instruction is based on each child’s unique capabilities and individualized to meet their learning needs. In the Barn, students begin to discover which tools help them to be successful students and how they can independently manage their success. Students are encouraged to own their learning and learn to use the resources available. Through play and classroom routines, primary students begin developing important executive functioning skills like teamwork, critical thinking, problem solving, and planning.

Primary students learn math through a variety of Leona xraysinteractive enrichment activities. Students may play games like math bowling to hone addition and subtraction skills, create art with patterns and shapes, or get to bake to learn measurement. We model lifelong learning and curiosity to our students, especially when it comes to a love of reading and books. Students work on beginning writing skills through collaborative class book projects. Social Studies is the heart of our Primary K-1 curriculum and forms the base of inspiration for many classroom activities. Students learn about places in the community and community helpers through field trips and role playing, and explore global cultures through stories and creative art projects.

Our goal is to create a warm, supportive, and structured environment that fosters the development of our students in all aspects of their growth. We are the Barn Owls, and according to the students, “We are great!”

barn owl.png