The Lodge

Home to the 4th, 5th, and 6th Grade Program

IMG_0191The Silverwood 4th through 6th grade program encourages our Senior students to work to their full potential through experiential learning and activities intended to convey meaning to the curriculum. Students are encouraged to collaborate with fellow classmates, as well as with students in other grades, in order to bolster their understanding of the material and to develop critically necessary social skills. Students are provided the opportunity to be adventurous in their studies, and apply their education through in-depth projects, both independently and in small groups. The integrated curriculum and project-based instruction encourages students to make cross-curricular connections and extend learning beyond rote memorization, leveraging each student’s unique skills and interests.

Students are provided the opportunity to get involved with their community through Kids
Care club. Community actions include food and clothing drives and charitable fund raising via bake sales at school functions. Students in the Lodge have the opportunity to strengthen their critical thinking skills through in-class programs such as Destination Imagination and Math Olympiad.

Edventuring LodgeEducation in the Lodge is extended beyond the classroom. Students have the opportunity to learn amid Silverwood’s beautiful 18-acre wooded campus and at off-campus educational sites. In addition to our exciting science education, other subjects are explored on these rustic grounds.

Luxen Wax Museum

Literature is brought to life by spending a night among the stars re-living the experiences from Gary Paulsen’s book Hatchet and enabling the students to embody the characters in the book. In ancient cultural studies, students have the opportunity to experience the ancient ritual of mummification by preparing their own chicken-mummy for the after-life.

As leaders of tomorrow, Silverwood students leave with a sense of personal responsibly and independence. Each fall, students embark on an Edventure trip to destinations such as NatureBridge and the Mt. Rainier Institute, where they spend a full week exploring the natural world through hands-on science. The curriculum from these educational programs are integrated into the classroom curriculum so as to extend their benefits beyond the field experience.

At the end of each sixth grade year, the students take one final capstone Edventure trip to an out-of-state location with their teachers. This experience not only strengthens their academic skills but serves as the pinnacle to their elementary education while leaving them with a cherished life-long memory.