The Music Beat

Magical Music Mondays at Silverwood School

Our weekly music work focuses on experiencing music together.Music Mondays

zeimusu_treble_clefs_2We listen to music.
We play music.
We dance to music.
We sing music.
We write music.
We talk about music.
We learn music theory.

When you walk into a class on Magical Music Mondays we may be compiling a book about the parts of wind instruments, or standing around the piano with a new piece of music to sightread and sing. We might be sitting in a circle with rhythm sticks and composing 4 count rhythms together. Perhaps we are playing music symbol pictionary, or learning the choral hand signs as we sing the musical scale. The CD player might be turned on as students listen to clips from different genres of music to identify; or perhaps when you walk in, students are creating rhythm poems and sharing them confidently in front of their classmates; or auditioning for the Talent Show. Maybe a showcase or performance night is coming up, and we are staging a group piece together. Or possibly we are writing Thank You cards to the professional Symphony musicians who just visited our school and performed for us.
IMG_9213At Silverwood, music class breeds an appreciation and respect for music and musicians, and allows students a safe and challenging space to wrestle with and enjoy the language of music for themselves. A primary goal in the music department is for a student to pick up a piece of sheet music by the end of the year and have an elementary understanding and confidence about what they are looking at, and what it might sound like. We do this with a lot of ear training, a lot of listening and repetition and dancing and singing and composing … and we always, ALWAYS have a lot of fun.