The Art Grotto

Home to Art with All Grades

treehouse artArt at Silverwood is provided for all classes, Kindergarten
through 6th, and encompasses both the visual and performing arts.  Students learn the elements and principles of design, as they work on both teacher-driven and student-led projects, often geared towards their lessons in the regular classroom.  Utilizing both 2-D and 3-D materials, each student is free to explore and create pieces that demonstrate their understanding of these elements.

Students also participate in the dramatic arts, incorporating improvisation, emoting, collaboration, and the integration of music and dance.  Students may engage in reader’s theater, script-writing, puppetry, musical theater, or video production as they examine plot, character development, setting, theme, point of view, and conflict.  Visual art, such as costuming and set-design, are also included.

Emphasis is placed on the subjectivity of art, with plenty of opportunities for students to take part in self-critique, constructive criticism for their peers, and interpreting the perspective and work of other artists throughout history, from ancient cave drawings to the Renaissance to modern photo-realism.