Silverwood(1)Mission Statement

At Silverwood School, we challenge our students to become confident, compassionate citizens and skilled, life-long learners – literate, motivated, and intellectually adventurous.


We, the community of Silverwood, believe in the potential and curiosity of every child. Rooted in the relationships of teachers to students and the school to its families, Silverwood strives for a balance of structure and spontaneity, responsibility and opportunity, and discipline and discovery. With active family support for the child, faculty, and program, we prepare our students for their secondary education, to participate in and contribute to a richly diverse world, and to be stewards of our natural heritage. We encourage our students to passionately pursue their dreams.


Academic excellence
A robust and research-based curriculum Critical thinking
Independent thought and work
Self-knowledge and self-advocacy
Generosity of spirit
Respect and resiliency
Exploration and invention
Creativity and expression
Kind-spirited humor and fun
Highly qualified teachers who are passionate about teaching and learning