Back to School Forms

2019-2020 Forms

Back to School forms for this upcoming school year may be found on ParentsWeb under both Web Forms and Resource Documents at this location:

FACTS ParentsWeb Login Screen

For instructions about creating a ParentsWeb account, please see the attached sheet:

ParentsWeb Information

The Web Forms must be completed online, while the Resource Documents should be printed, filled out, and returned to the Office by the first day of school. If you do not have access to a computer, please contact Miss Michelle in the Office.

Here are the required Resource Documents for the 2019-2020 school year:

  • Allergy Information Form (if applicable)
  • Office Release Form (mandatory)
  • 6th Grade Tdap Vaccine Form (mandatory for 6th grade unless certificate of exemption is on file in the Office)
  • Volunteer Background Check (each adult in family who will be driving on field trips or helping with school events)
  • Prescription Medication Form (if applicable)
  • Extended Services Form (mandatory)
  • Fall Pizza Lunch Form (if student is participating)
  • Certificate of Immunization Form (CIS, mandatory if not already on file with Office)
  • Certificate of Exemption Form (COE, mandatory if your child is missing immunizations necessary for school enrollment and there is not copy on file with Office)

Please note that if your child has up-to-date immunization forms on file already, you do not need to fill out another form. Simply advise Miss Michelle of any additional immunizations and she will document them on your Certificate of Immunization (CIS) form. The exception is if you previously had a personal/philosophical exemption for the MMR vaccine. The state will only allow a medical or religious exemption for the MMR vaccine now, so you will need to correct your CIS form and amend your COE form.

Supplies? What supplies? Check ParentsWeb Resource Documents!