Experiential Learning and Field Trips at Silverwood


What is Edventuring?  It’s the word we use to describe our adventures in education: specifically, our hands-on and experiential learning, and outdoor adventures.

An essential component of the Silverwood learning philosophy is that learning through experience must be part of a balanced curriculum. Children at Silverwood learn in great part by experiencing any specific subject through dynamic, student-centered, age- appropriate activities.

PrimaryEdventuring Barn

Primary (kindergarten and first grade) activities are mainly on campus and include gardening, hands-on-math, cooking projects, environmental science, young author presentations, ceramics, chorus, and drama.  Their off campus activities include visiting local farms, and attending community theaters.


Experiential learning in the Intermediate program (second and third grades) includesEdventuring TH
opportunities to dramatically re-enact history, learn geometry and engineering by building forts, or map the school property to learn measurement and geography. Students also travel to local theatre productions and art and history museums.

In the spring, 3rd grade students spend four days and nights at Islandwood, an environmental education camp on Bainbridge Island, where they learn sound environmental practices, participate in hands-on science work in nature, and work together to build the leadership and teamwork skills.



In the fall, Senior students (fourth, fifth, and sixth grades) travel to either NatureBridge Edventuring Lodgein Olympic National Park  or Mt. Rainier Institute (alternating years) for a five day/four night camping excursion. This trip provides biology and natural science learning in the unique environment afforded by the Olympic Cascades’ forests and mountains, team building, challenging physical activities, and personal growth.

Each spring, the Silverwood sixth grade class undertakes a major travel experience as a culmination of a curricular theme in either history or science. This week-long excursion is the capstone of a year’s academic study as well as an opportunity for significant leadership and personal growth.

6th Grade TripSome places visited in the past are: SE Alaska · Grand Canyon, Arizona · Astonomy Camp, Arizona · Biosphere 2, Arizona · Catalina Island, California · Gunnison River, Colorado · Crow Canyon, Colorado · Oahu, Hawaii · Crystal River, Florida · Florida Keys, Florida · Boston, Massachusetts · New York · Zion National Park, Utah · Moab, Utah · Teton Science School, Wyoming · Washington, District of Columbia ·